Choosing a wood floor

Choosing a wood floor

When you go looking for a wood floor you’re faced with a lot of choices.  Because wood is not only a material that offers a wide variety of natural looks, the variety is increased even more by different surface treatments and finishes.  Jacobsen offer a wide range of wood designs.  When you are ready we advise you to visit your nearest dealer to experience your choice first-hand because the beauty of wood makes it great to look at and touch.


Each tree is unique, and even different parts of the same tree produce different appearances.  Knots and grains help define and add character.  Some of our products have more character than others which has lead to the grading system.



Wood is a material that grows more beautiful with time.  To ensure that you may enjoy your floors for many years to come, our floors are given a protective and caring surface finish.  All our floors are ready for use with no extra surface treatment necessary.


Bevels define each individual plank, creating the feeling of an authentic wood floor.


Oak planks have a typical grain structure and a yellow to brown colour.  Merbau varies widely from orange towards dark reddish brown.